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"What a great product!  I had been looking for an answer to organizing my linen closet when I came across the EasyFold product.  It is easy to use and I can put a set of sheets with the pillowcases together so that when I am ready to make up the bed all I have to do is grab the set.  No more tearing out my closet to find a set of sheets.  I also seem to have more room in my closet. I am thinking about giving them for gifts.  It would make a great bridal shower gift!"

Vicki Tinney, Birmingham, AL

"The EasyFold changed my life.  I have always dreaded folding my fitted sheets but not anymore.  My linen cupboard looks as good as Martha Stewart’s.  What a terrific product!"

Michelle Hebrank, West Hills, CA

"I am a housewife with a big family and always wanted a better looking linen closet.  The EasyFold has made my life easier and more organized.  I no longer have to be ashamed of my linen closet.  Thank you for your wonderful product."

Caren Serrano, Potrero, CA

"The EasyFold is a wonderful invention.  It has taken the hassle out of folding my fitted sheets.  Best of all I like that I can fold and store the complete sheet set.  I don’t have to worry about losing my pillowcases.  My linen closet is so neat and organized, I open the closet every once in a while just to admire it!"

Marti Schwartz, Van Nuys, CA